Commercial solar carports allow you to utilise your existing parking spaces to harness the energy of the sunlight and charge your electric vehicle without drawing on your electrical connection to the national grid.

The addition of a carport can offer some protection to your vehicles, raise the green credentials of a company, project an innovative image and run an electric vehicle on sunlight!

Because being in Britain we can occasionally be bereft of bright sunshine, solar carports can be integrated with battery storage technology to store excess solar energy when the carport is not in use. In doing this the carport can even charge your electric vehicle at night. For the times when the sunlight isn’t available, we are able to integrate the carports into the main site’s electrical infrastructure for reliable backup.

The construction of the carport is a simple canopy style structure able to span the required number of parking spaces. A slightly tilted roof is the ideal mounting frame for the required number of solar panels as well as providing rainwater runoff and shade.

The OZEV grant as well as other funding options can be used to offset the installation cost of electric vehicle carports at your premises. A solar carport will usually be subject to planning permission, something we can definitely help with.

How can a business benefit from an EV charging solar carport?

  • Choose to go off-grid or tie into the existing electrical infrastructure to feed excess back into the national grid.
  • Promote your own corporate sustainability and carbon reducing initiatives in a stylish fashion.
  • Employees, customers and visitors cars are offered protection from the weather while parked under the shade of a solar carport.
  • By including billing facilities a business can create a revenue stream from the installation of a solar carport.
  • Create an addition to any existing solar PV system on site and develop otherwise unproductive space to generate an income from excess energy.

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