Solar PV


Solar PV systems are an easy to install source of green energy that will lower your individual carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.

From initial use to supply daytime power needs for homes and businesses, people are now using their self-generated energy to charge their cars for free. Integrate battery storage and you could find yourself able to charge your electric vehicle night or day using the sun’s energy!

Car Charging can utilise your existing roof space to install a solar PV system on your premises to enable a more environmentally friendly charging experience. If you have an existing solar installation we can use this too.

Car Charging can survey your premises to determine the suitability of the roof for a solar system installation. We will let you know the potential savings and payback time of installing panels in a detailed report. If you charge vehicles overnight at your premises, we can offer advice about battery storage so you can use the energy harvested during the day to charge vehicles when night falls.

Solar PV Benefits

Self-Generated Clean Energy

Reduction In Carbon Footprint

Lower Energy Costs

High Reliability, Low Maintenance

Demonstrating Green Initiatives

Lower Initial Costs

Solar PV Economics

The cheapest way of supplying your building with electricity is via your own solar PV system. By the time your solar PV installation has reached the end of its life the electricity it has produced will have been 2-4 times cheaper than purchasing from an energy supplier.

The financial incentives of installing a solar PV system are overwhelming considering the current cost of buying from a supplier.

  • By using energy generated by your solar panels you will reduce your dependency on purchasing from the grid, currently around 15p/kWh for businesses.
  • If you don’t use the electricity, it is exported back to the grid. The Smart Export Guarantee pays up to 5.5p/kWh

With the cost to buy higher than the payments for selling back to the grid, there are ways you can utilise the extra energy generated without sending it back to the supplier. The best uses are to send the extra energy to a battery, divert directly to an EV charger or use it to heat a building’s water.

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