The decision to install electric vehicle charge points, solar PV systems and storage batteries can sometimes be a difficult one to make due to the financial restraints that can occur.

Depending on the scale and application of the your project there are funding options available.

Self Funded

A self-funded project would involve all costs met by yourself. By self-funding you are free to benefit from all charging revenue should you wish to charge for use of the charge points.

Part Funded

Subject to a feasibility check we can support you in the financing of your project to reduce the financial burden and provide you with the ability to offer EV charging to staff, customers and visitors. By going down the part-funded route you will be letting the investor take on any risk associated with the project as future charge point usage can be difficult to predict. The investment is recouped in over an agreed period in revenue from charging people to use the EV chargers.


Workplace Charging Scheme

To assist with financing the installation of EV charging points the government offers assistance in the form of the Office for Zero Emmision Vehicles (OZEV) Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). Under this scheme, the government will provide a grant of 75% of the purchase and installation of an EV charging point up to £350 for up to 20 double chargers or 40 single chargers. By opting for the maximum amount of chargers you can potentially save £14,000 in costs. Conditions apply but the scheme is open to businesses, charities and public bodies.

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