Commercial EV Charging


The increasing popularity of electric vehicles is leading to businesses considering how they can incorporate charging facilities for staff, customers, and visitors.

We know that no two businesses are the same and each has its own requirements, but the potential benefits of introducing electrical charging points are common to all.

Car Charging offers EV charging installations to offices, commercial units, shopping centres, and car parks. Our in-house team of multi-disciplined installers allow us to install electric vehicle charging points, solar technology and battery storage to store the sun’s energy for charging after dark.

By offering renewable technology alongside the very best in electric vehicle charging technology we help you to pick the elements that you wish to incorporate into your charging solution, no matter what the scale.

Smart Charging Technology

Dynamic Load Balancing

Smart EV chargers reduce the need for expensive cabling by sharing power depending on the number in use.

Charge to Charge

Generate an income by charging staff and visitors to use your EV points.

Monitoring Software

Monitor your EV charging network, control users, billing and overall usage.

Staff Reimbursement

Install chargers at employees’ homes and link to your payroll system for automatic reimbursement.

Controlled Access

RFID cards or fobs can be used to restrict access to authorised users only. Handy when installed in public areas.

Solar PV Integration

Install a solar PV system to compliment your chargers and charge your vehicles with the excess energy.

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